USCIS Announces Mailing Of I-551 stamps

Posted on Mar 23, 2023 by Chris Prescott

Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) often find themselves without proof of status due to the increasing adjudication times at USCIS.  Applicants submitting, I-90s, I-751s and N-400 applications face difficulties travelling when left without proof of status.

Obtaining a stamp has also been challenging and typically requires an applicant to visit a field office in person.  When USCIS stopped offering Infopass appointments, obtaining an appointment for a Stamp was no easy process.

In a recent announcement USCIS acknowledges that LPRs are entitled to evidence of status and may require an Alien Documentation, Identification and telecommunication (ADIT) if they do not have a green card and have filed one of the above applications and their extension notice has expired.

Although USCIS now offers 24-48 month extension notices (depending on the type of case filed), applicants whose cases are not adjudicated within these respective timeframes will still need evidence of status to travel.

LPRs will still need to call USCIS to request temporary evidence of status and will verify that the applicant’s address can receive UPS or Fed Ex mail.  USCIS will then either schedule an in-person appointment or request that an ADIT stamp be mailed to the applicant directly.

While it is not entirely clear who will qualify to receive a stamp by mail, those with an urgent need, or do not have a usable photo in USCIS’s system or whose address/identity cannot be confirmed will still need to attend in person.

This change will benefit thousands of applicants and will allow USCIS to issue stamps in a more timely and efficient manner.

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