Applicants must call USCIS to reschedule biometrics

Posted on Aug 12, 2021 by Chris Prescott

USCIS has now closed its Biometrics Processing Unit (BPU) in Alexandria, VA and therefore it is no longer possible to reschedule your biometrics in writing.

If you cannot make your biometrics appointment you will need to call USCIS to reschedule this.  You can contact USCIS by calling the contact center at 800-375-5283, however, you must call USCIS before the date and time of your original appointment.  If you fail to call prior to your appointment or fail to show good cause as to why you cannot attend USCIS may refuse to reschedule your appointment.

USCIS has stated that if you fail to show up for your appointment and the appointment is not rescheduled then they may consider the application to be abandoned and may deny the application.  Therefore, it is essential that you attend your biometrics appointment.  If you are unable to attend, you will need to ensure that you have a good reason and contact USCIS in a timely manner to reschedule.

When attending your appointment, you will need to take the original biometrics notice which USCIS mailed to you as well as a valid photo ID such as a green card, passport or driver’s license.  This notice includes the date and time of your appointment and also the location of the Application Support Center where you will need to attend.

When attending for biometrics you will need to provide your fingerprints, photograph and/or signature.  By providing biometrics it allows USCIS to conduct a background check to ensure that you are eligible for the benefit sought.

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