Trump Suspends The Entry Of Immigrants/Nonimmigrants By Another 3 Months

Posted on Jan 5, 2021 by Chris Prescott

Trump has one foot out of the door, but that doesn’t mean that he is done with issuing unlawful and discriminatory Immigration policies.

In April and June of last year, Trump issued two Presidential Proclamations suspending the entry of certain immigrants and non-immigrants into the US.  The second Proclamation extended the suspension through Dec 31, 2020. These Proclamations have wreaked havoc in the lives of employees and Employers all over the U.S., with some individuals being stuck outside of the U.S.

On December 31, 2020 Trump issued another Proclamation citing COVID and the effects on the labor market.  This Proclamation extends the suspension through March 31, 2021.

However, with the inauguration of Joe Biden only 2 weeks away we hope that these Proclamations will be revoked in their entirety.

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